Thursday, July 10, 2008

Socializing with the kids

An aspect of life that our kids have missed out on since now is the kind of socializing that we all take from granted with other members of our society. The kids, having spent most of their lives on the streets of Mysore, mostly interacted with their fellow street kids and the adults living there. The basics of interacting with others socially can be a bit foreign to them.

Now, the kids attend school with students from all socioeconomic backgrounds, which is helping them learn to socialize with their peers. We also welcome people from the community to visit with the kids on Sunday afternoons at Karunya Mane.

Several groups of young professionals from nearby IT firms have done just that. This past Sunday, a group from SOften, a socially conscious organization consisting of young, proactive employees from Infosys talked with the kids and played games with them.

The group played a version of spin the water bottle, where the recipient of the bottle stood up and sang a song to the group.