Monday, July 21, 2008

Kids at the cave

Last Sunday, Jamanagiri Swamiji, one of our directors, invited the kids to the garden inauguration ceremony that was held at the cave (his home).

Swamiji transformed the "slum" area near the front of the cave and Nandi Bull, a huge tourist spot in Mysore, into a beautifully landscaped garden for the public to enjoy.

Sharath, Devaraj, Surya

The kids, as they always do, enjoyed their field trip to the cave. Our arts and crafts teacher, Bobbi, and her helpers, Dana and Heidi, and our English tutor, Sofia, also joined us to help keep an eye on the kids.

After the inauguration ceremony, the kids and the hundreds of other guests were fed a nice breakfast of wongi bhat (green pepper rice) and kesari bhat (sweet).