Friday, July 11, 2008

The beds!

Having a proper bed can make the difference between a good night's sleep---and being rested enough to study well in school the next day---and body cramps and a stiff neck.

Our kids now sleep on fifteen steel-frame bunk beds and kid-resistant mattresses (since we have a number of little ones). The beds also save us a lot of floor space. The girls are on the ground floor, the boys are on the top floor.

Ramana (above left) helped assemble the beds, which are sturdy and should last for years.

The big kids sleep on top and the little ones sleep on the bottom, with safety guards in place to prevent the little ones from rolling off during the night. The adults, who have slept on the hard surface of the sidewalk for most of their lives, prefer to sleep on cotton mattresses or yoga mats on the floor.

Thanks to all of our generous donors in Mysore and around the world who helped us secure the beds and mattresses for our kids. They absolutely love sleeping on a real bed, some for the first time in their little lives.