Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Home visit from Asha Kirana

On Thursday, a counselor from Asha Kirana Hospital, the charitable HIV/AIDS clinic where a few of our people are registered, came to Karunya Mane for a home visit. She wanted to stop in to see how our women are doing, and counsel them on taking their medicines properly, practicing good hygiene, and eating well.

Saroja, Ramesh, Ramana, and Asha Kirana counselor

While at KM, she talked with our staff and gave them a tutorial on HIV/AIDS, what it is, the ways that the virus can be transmitted, and equally importantly, how it is not transmitted, as there are many myths surrounding the disease in this country.

The counselor was quite pleased to hear that everyone at Karunya Mane---kids, women, and staff---enjoys the same high quality meals and clean drinking water.

Saroja, little Siri, and Asha Kirana counselor