Sunday, August 26, 2012

Clean those ears!

A couple of weeks ago, the wonderful people from audiologyindia ( and AIISH (All India Speech and Hearing) came to KM to give all of the kids ear checkups.

Jyothi: Oh my god, THAT was in my ear? 
The ear doctor checking Lalitha's ears.
The checkups included a hearing test, an exam by an ear-nose-throat physician, and a speech test.

Vinuta being check out by the speech therapist
Thanks so much to Jayaprakash at audiologyindia and our dear friend Manjunath for doing such a nice job organizing everything.

The kids' friend Manjunath, who helps them with many health-related arrangements.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

KM Boy and Girl of the Month - July 2012

This past month (July), the girls selected Joythi, age 7, in 1st grade, and the boys selected Umesh, age 5, upper kindergarten, as the best kids of the month at KM. They both got a nice prize!

Jyothi and Umesh are both from the street, and lived there from birth to about three years of age.

Now, they are nice and healthy, and well-behaved, at KM:

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Updates on the playground project (wow, it's happening!!!)

After a few months of fundraising and planning, the playground project has landed in Mysore! See the following for the updates on our friends Kendra and Baxter from Star Seeds Preschool, who are heading up the effort.