Friday, June 20, 2008

Update on Mary

Finally, after two attempts (!) Mary's husband has been arrested and put in jail. The first time, confusion abound as the police who caught him did not realize that there was an order for him to go to jail and not just the overnight lockup, so they let him go free. Everyone was a bit tense for the few days that he was roaming free, as Mary's safety was at risk.

Then, he showed up at her place of work looking for her, even though this was the first place where the cops had come to pick him up a few days earlier. They kept him occupied while the police came and finally took him away to jail. He can be bailed out, but if he goes near his wife during his bail period, bail will be rescinded and he'll be back in the can, without bail.

He also pawned her ration card (identification card used in India, like a driver's license) for 800 rupees at a pawn shop. Doing so is illegal, and many loan sharks in slum areas conduct a similar practice with the poor who need money. Before her court case can continue, she needs to retrieve her card for identification... she's informed the appropriate government office, and they are handling it. Hopefully this will not take a long time.