Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mango season!

We're quite busy with our kids at Karunya Mane, but we are also still going to the street every morning to visit our moms and kids in the Street People Program. Unfortunately, a couple of the kids weren't yet ready to go to Karunya Mane, even though their older siblings are there now. Saumya wanted to stay with her mom for one more year. And Jyothi's parents said they want her to start at KM next year.

And little Mohan, who is two years old, will be heading to KM next year to start tiny tots school.

It's mango season in Mysore now, the only benefit of the scorching hot weather season... and Mohan is one kid who sure loves his mangoes. We're not sure what's more fun for him---eating the mango or getting it all over his little face!

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