Sunday, June 15, 2008

Art with Bobbi

Bobbi, a new volunteer, wanted to help out at Karunya Mane but wasn't sure what she could contribute. We suggested that she spend some time with the kids doing arts and crafts activities, to allow them to explore their creativity. Although she admitted she had no real exposure to teaching kids arts and crafts, she was willing to give it a shot with a little project each Sunday.

What a great job she did on her first Sunday, having the kids make their own name tags, complete with lots of stickers and stars and sparklies and hearts and sea creatures. She had expected maybe eight or ten kids to participate, but when she got there, they ALL wanted to make their own name tags.

Pooja and Latta with their name tags

The kids sure had a great time, and Bobbi was touched to be able to bring such fun and creativity into the kids' lives. We've found that volunteers who are willing to go beyond their comfort zones and spend quality time with the kids maybe get more out of the experience than the kids do. Let's hope the world sees more people like Bobbi, willing to give their time and energy to kids who need their attention and love.

Sharath, Kaleem, Asha, Sreenevasa, Nanjunda with Bobbi

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