Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Kids in school

May was a busy month. During the month, 26 kids moved into Karunya Mane, and we evaluated the two neighborhood schools. We chose the Sri Sai Saraswathi Vidyakendra school, a twenty-minute walk away, for our kids. The school has facilities for kids from age three up to 10th grade, so even our little ones---Vishnu, Sinchana, and Parveen---are attending tiny tots school!

The kids that had previously attended school all took entrance exams. Everyone was placed two or three years behind where they would have been had they continued school elsewhere. We agreed with this decision, as it will give them a chance to catch up and learn the material properly. If they show improvement, they will be promoted to the next grade during their first school year.

It's nice to see the kids walking to school with their new school bags (more on that later), and then returning "home" in the evening. They all seem happy to be at Karunya Mane and in a nice school, and certainly enjoy each other's company. And even little Vishnu sometimes gets a "ride" from Nanjunda!

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