Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Baby moves to KM

In early May, a man visited KM with his mother-in-law and a young woman, who turned out to be an orphan. He was inquiring about whether this orphan, named Baby, could come to stay with us. Years ago, she had been taken from her home to be child servant in a house in Coorg, three hours from Mysore. At that house, she was beaten and punished often, so she ran away.

She was found by this family sitting at a bus stop in Bangalore, crying. This man's mother-in-law saw her there, brought her to their home, and they named her "Baby." Although they had her doing chores around the house and (for whatever reason) didn't send her to school, they did take good care of her and treated her well. She stayed with them for ten years, til they brought her to us.

Recently, they learned that she has a few health problems that they as a family believe they are unable to deal with, so they brought her to us, hoping that we could help her. Baby is now with us at Karunya Mane, where she gets proper treatment and lives in an accepting and healing environment.

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