Friday, May 30, 2008

Little Jeevan at Karunya Mane

Little Jeevan, Asha's cousin, arrived at Karunya Mane on May 24. He's four year old and suffers from asthma, as does his mom. Mom is Asha's aunt, and when we went to visit her today and get some of the photos that Asha had from various yoga student friends, she asked if we could take Jeevan.
Mom lives in a shack in the slum area called Hale Kesare, and Asha stayed there after her mom died and before she came to stay with us. Their roof often leaks when it rains and the floor is made of hard dirt. Mom gathers up paper from trash cans to sell (4 rupees for 10 kg of paper) and sometimes cleans houses for extra money. She's a good woman, and only wants to see Asha and Jeevan safe. She is obviously very poor, but during her first Sunday visit to KM, she brought enough cake for all of the kids.

This is Gowtham (kneeling), Jeevan's two-year-old little brother. We hope he'll come to stay with us next year. He lives with his mom and she has him in the local daycare center so that she can work during the day.

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