Saturday, May 31, 2008

Shanti at Karunya Mane

A new girl, Shanti,moved in today. Her mom lives next door to Vishnu's and Pallavi's mom in the slum area, and her dad ran away a long time ago. Shanti is nine and has been going to school for a few years. Her mom washes pots and pans at a restaurant, and seems to have some kind of skin condition, or perhaps some form of leprosy. We told her to come to the street one morning and we'd take her to the doctor.

Although Shanti should start fourth grade, she's being put into first grade. The headmaster said she has the potential to learn, she just needs a better opportunity.

Vishnu’s mom told us that both the girl and the mom want Shanti to live at Karunya Mane. Sometimes deciding to take them in is difficult if we haven't known the kid or mom for very long. Since Shanti came referred by one of our trustworthy moms, has only one parent, and wants to continue her education, she met our criteria.

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