Friday, December 13, 2013

Bye Blackie

Kids love pets, and we sure have many at Karunya Mane, our children's home -- eight dogs, three cats, and eight birds! The kids love all of their pets and learn to feed and take care of them.

Our first dog, Blackie, came to Karunya Mane on the very same day that we arrived there, February 10, 2008. From where he came we don't know, but he just walked to the car when we drove up as if we were good old friends from long ago, and stayed.

Blackie at the kids' school in 2009
Everyday when someone he knew was at KM, he walked up to them and just stood there, expecting that friendly pat on the head. Three years ago, he brought his little friend, shy Jackie, who now stays with us.
Blackie in 2011
Today, we're sad because Blackie passed away. We don't know how old he was but he must have been at least nine or ten. He loved to sleep in the boys' room on the cool tile floor on hot days. He loved to annoy 44, one of our other dogs. He loved coming to the office or the kitchen for snacks. And most of all, he really loved our kids. When they used to walk to school, Blackie often walked with them all the way there. 

He was a loyal companion and a great watch dog. Bye, Blackie, we'll miss you.

Blackie in May 2013

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