Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Great doctors

Finding a good doctor is sometimes a challenge, especially when the preference is for a good and caring doctor for a child or poor woman with a disease that still has significant stigma attached to it.

Our kids and moms are really lucky to have a couple of good doctors near us who care for our kids with no prejudice or bias, regardless of their socio-economic background and/or health condition.

A few years ago, when we worked on the streets, finding a doctor to treat an HIV+ woman was a huge endeavor. Many times, these women were turned away or told to go elsewhere. Several died.

Now, the amazing doctors at Asha Kirana Hospital in Mysore provide excellent care to HIV+ adults and kids. Kids -- ours and others -- love Dr. Mothi and Dr. Swamy at Asha Kirana, and many of these kids have been under their watchful eye for several years now.

An eight-minute walk from Karunya Mane is the Amrita Kripa Hospital, where Dr. Vikas Modi and others have been caring for our kids for three years, treating them for everything from coughs and colds to appendicitis and, recently, a very dangerous case of fungal pneumonia in one of our HIV+ kids.

This past month, one of our kids contracted PCP, sometimes fatal in immunocompromised patients. Dr. Modi and Dr. Swamy coordinated the medical care for the child, who fortunately pulled through after spending a few days in ICU at Amrita Kripa and another week at Asha Kirana. The child is back at Karunya Mane and has completely recovered, thanks to these great doctors.

Only the sincerest of thanks to these doctors for caring as much about our kids as we do.

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