Saturday, January 19, 2013

Two New Kids -- Project Food and More

Project Food and More, our effort to assist children orphaned by HIV/AIDS with monthly care packages, added two new kids to the program (names have been changed for privacy reasons).


Dilip, age 9, lives with his mom and grandmother in a two-room house in a slum area of Mysore. His dad, who was a truck driver, committed suicide a few months ago by drinking poison. Mom is quite distraught as she can barely support herself and her son, and she must now travel to Bangalore once a month to get Dilip's HIV medication -- second line therapy is only offered in Bangalore. 

Dilip is a very cute little boy, looks more like he's 6 years old, and sure does like to play with his friends in his neighborhood. 


Pooja is a sweet 13-year-old girl studying in 8th grade in a slum area of Mysore. Her mother used to work as a housekeeper but cannot work now because of her health issues. Pooja and mom live in a tiny two-room rented house with her uncle, his wife, and their two children. Pooja's dad died five years ago from HIV. 

If you'd like to help Dilip and Pooja with monthly care packages, you can do so with a $25 (Rs.1200) donation at: Project Food and More Donation. Thank you!