Saturday, January 5, 2013

SO many prizes!

About this time of year, the schools usually hold their School Day events, including games and contests among the students.

Twenty-five of our 34 kids enrolled at Deepa School won a total of 43 prizes! Here is the list of prizes won. Check out Prema with 4 prizes and Devaraj, Sharath, Vijayalakshmi, Manjula, and Suma with 3 each! Even little Adarsh was the fastest little froggie in his kindergarten class frog race!

Name Grade Contest Prize
Vishnu 1st Running 1st
Shilpa 2nd Grouping the grain 1st
Jyothi 2nd Recitation 1st
Pallavi 3rd Lemon and spoon race 1st
Razak 3rd Grouping the books 1st
Devaraj 4th Sack race 2nd
Grouping the bangles 2nd
Janapada nruthya 2nd
Renuka 4th Recitation 1st
Arabia 4th Lemon and spoon race 2nd
Netra 4th Recitation 2nd
Kartik 4th Sack race 2nd
Shwetha 4th Grouping the bangles 1st
Sadiq 4th Drawing 1st
Prema 5th Singing 2nd
Pick and axe 2nd
Throwball 1st
Discipline and attendance 1st
Pooja 5th Singing 2nd
Throwball 2nd
Shanti 5th Singing 2nd
Throwball 1st
Mamatha 6th Throwball 1st
Sharath 6th Drawing 3rd
Throwball 1st
Ball throwing into the wicket 3rd
Vinod 6th Singing 2nd
Volleyball 2nd
Pavan 6th Volleyball 2nd
Vijayalakshmi 5th Dance 3rd
Recitation 3rd
Drawing 2nd
Divya 5th Drawing 2nd
Dance 3rd
Prajwal 6th Singing 1st
Drawing 1st
Adarsh KG Frog race 1st
Manjula 8th Throwball 1st
Running race 1st
Lockie corner 1st
Suma 9th Throwball 1st
Shotput 1st
Running race 2nd

We're so proud of them.

KM Kids at School with their Prizes