Sunday, May 10, 2015

In honor of our mothers

We wish the mothers in our programs a very Happy Mother's Day and Happy Mother's Day to all mothers throughout the world who work hard everyday to be there for their children.

Most of our mothers have suffered tremendous trauma and emotional and physical pain in their lives, and they entrust us with their kids in the hope that they will have a better life than they did.

We are constantly amazed at the resilience of our mothers, who have suffered horrible diseases like tuberculosis and HIV, have been beaten, shamed, told they were useless, and are often taken for granted. 

We only wish the best for them, and our goal is to help them become strong women in their own right. Many of them are on this path.

We support the mothers of our kids with medical assistance and guidance and counseling when needed or requested. 

Our mothers are a big part of our Operation Shanti family and we have watched them grow and change over the past ten years.

To our mothers, thank you for being there for your kids even though they may no longer live with you. Your influence on your kids remains the strongest of anyone.

Happy Mother's Day!

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