Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Indestructible play balls for our kids! Coming to Mysore in 2015?

FYI - we got 61 play balls for our kids!

If you donated a ball to our campaign, thank you very much! We aren't able to get a list of donors from One World Play Project, but we want to say thanks to everyone who donated a play ball.

These balls are really great (the kids currently have one). They don't deflate, which means there's no need to keep pumping them with air -- and the way our kids play, that means pumping all the time (and a lot of damaged balls).

 These balls are also indestructible -- perfect for the terrain at our kids' home.

We'll be receiving the 61 balls at our San Francisco address in mid-March, and we are looking for people who can carry one or two (or more?) balls in their luggage when they come to Mysore. Let us know at if you know of anyone from the U.S. who is planning a trip to Mysore in 2015 and we'll get a ball or two to you to carry over for us.

They're the same size as regular soccer balls.

Because the balls will be with us in the U.S. (San Francisco), better for the carriers to be from the U.S. We plan to keep 20 or so balls for kids and then distribute a few to their schools and a couple other children's homes in Mysore.


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