Monday, January 27, 2014

The love of a teacher

One of the challenges that we've had in the past is finding the appropriate staff, including house mothers, to help care for our kids at Karunya Mane. For one thing, it's not an easy job (for parents with two or three kids, you know what we mean -- think about taking care of 44 kids at once). For another thing, many shy away from working with street or slum kids. Moreover, anyone could simply "do" the job and be a passive, warm body in the room to monitor the kids.

It takes special people to be effective house mothers and actually make an effort to improve the lives of kids like ours (or any kid) -- not just materialistically by providing them with what they need on a daily basis -- but also by taking the time to teach each of them good life lessons, values, and ethics, 24/7.

We are lucky to have two such women. They are incredibly positive influences on the lives of our boys and girls.

A few days ago, our boys' house mother had her birthday. Surya, one of our ten-year-old boys, left a birthday card for her on her bed as she slept. When she awoke, she said it was the first thing she saw and she read it. She wept out of happiness.

(left page)
Dear Teacher,
You are always my teacher.
I am always your student.

(right page)
Respected Teacher,
   Wish you a very happy birthday.
You are the teacher who has given me education and knowledge. You have taught me that we should always be merciful towards others, we should love all, we should not hate anyone. Your wish is that I should become a good human being and take care of all and that I should make a name for myself. I will behave as you wish and make you proud one day. I will see to it that you will become very happy on seeing me and my success.
    Respected teacher, I can never forget you. I think of you every second.
Surya J.

We share this card with you in honor of all of the great teachers, parents, and caretakers who dedicate their lives to improving the life of a child or children. Thank you so much.

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