Thursday, September 12, 2013

Welcome Yashavanth!

We've got a new boy at Karunya Mane! Little Yashavanth is six years old, quite a cutie, and definitely mischievous! Yashavanth and his sister lost their dad about two years ago, and they now live with mom in grandma's house in a slum area of Mysore.

We heard of Yashavanth from one of our other moms -- our moms are usually the best source for other destitute children who need help, for obvious reasons -- and introduced us to Yashavanth and mom. Mom works from 9am to 9pm, and grandma often works daily labor jobs, so there is often nobody at home to watch the kids. This is a common problem among destitute single moms.

We admitted Yashavanth to the local private school in 1st grade, and he now catches the school bus every morning with our other kids. He attended a government school for one month but was not yet reading or writing, so he's starting from scratch. Yashavanth is very enthusiastic about school, so we believe that he'll catch up and do just fine, and we look forward to watching him grow and develop in the coming years!

Yashavanth's sister will join us next year, closer to the age of six. New government rules prevent us from taking kids under the age of six, even though starting with children earlier than later is always preferred, and we endeavor to provide our youngest with the best possible early education, nutrition, attention, and care.

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