Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Best boy/best girl catch-up

Recent months' "Best Boys" and "Best Girls" (a prize given out each month to the kid who displayed the best behavior for that month) at Karunya Mane were:

March - Prajwal / Shwetha
April - Sreenivasa / Sowmya
May - Surya / Mamatha

Prajwal started 7th grade this year, in English medium. Always polite, neat, well-behaved, and disciplined, he's an outstanding kid who has the potential to great things in this world.

Shwetha started 5th grade this year. She gets very good grades in school and her behavior has improved tremendously -- the temper tantrums that she once displayed have disappeared and she's improved in all areas of behavior.

Sreenivasa, who attends boarding school and is now in 11th grade, returns to Karunya Mane on the holidays. When he's back, he provides great relief to our boys' house mother by helping her out with the little boys. Sreenivasa has grown into a responsible, mature young man and we're quite pleased to see that he seems to have outgrown his "street boy" behavior.

Sreenivasa (right) with Shashidhar Sir (one of our teachers) during the Holi madness fun!
The May best kids were repeat "bests" -- Mamatha and Surya -- who are consistently high performers in all areas -- school performance, behavior, chores, overall demeanor -- and as their prize, they got to go shopping with us at Easy Day for the sports equipment that we donated to the kids' school!

Surya doing his homework during tuition time. 

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