Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Friends from Daisy Troop 2494 in Sparks, Maryland!

A friend of ours who is in charge of her daughter's Daisy troop (youngest level of Girl Scouts) in Sparks, Maryland, had the idea to share India with her girls during the month of February. February is the month that Girl Scouts dedicate to learning about and connecting with people from around the world.

On that day, she had her troop make cards and pictures for our kids. Her girls also enjoyed viewing pictures of our kids at Karunya Mane and learned about their daily routine. 

The girls in Troop 2494 also found India on the globe and couldn’t believe how many people live there. They saw pictures of Mysore and other parts of India, and found the Taj Mahal and the Mysore Palace very beautiful. They also got to eat naan and drank chai tea while doing their crafts and admired some fancy Indian outfits!

They sent their cards and pictures, along with a very generous parcel full of pencils and erasers, to our kids, who then decided to make cards in return. 

Here's a sampling of the cards and pictures shared... what a nice thing for our kids to connect with kids from halfway around the world! Thanks so much to Troop 2494 (and Shena) for sharing.