Sunday, April 1, 2012


In January, the kids got invited to participate in a dance competition in the city, against a few other children's home. The event was hosted by the Aashayein Fondation, a nice charity that helps others like us with stuff, and events like this.

Although it was a competition, we sent not our "best" dancers but our kids who needed the chance to perform in public to help bring out their personalities a bit more. Surprisingly, the kids won a prize for their performance and really got the audience excited during their number!

We're sure that they're *cuteness* contributed to them winning a prize!

Ready to go: Prajwal, Razak, Vinuta, Sadiq, Kartik, Shilpa, Kavya
Vinuta, Shilpa, Mamatha, Kavya, Netra, Prajwal, Meharbanu (house mother) Razak, Sadiq, Kartik and Blackie our dog 
Kumar, one of our teachers, stopped in to provide some moral support.

Netra and Razak front and center 
Sadiq and Kavya
Kartik and Mamatha