Sunday, February 5, 2012

Kumari's dilemma and your assistance

Kumari sells flowers near Bombay
Tiffany’s in the city during the
season (May to October); offseason
gets difficult, as she has to
sell vegetables on the street, which
is not as good a business.

We're doing an emergency fundraising drive for one of our long-time street moms, Kumari. Kumari has chronic lung damage (fibrosis) from past bouts of tuberculosis. Because of her lung damage, even at her young age of 33, she does not have adequate oxygen intake (blood oxygen level of around 90 when sitting, even lower when walking). Her pulmonologist highly recommended that we get her an oxygen concentrator machine for her house, so that she can use it as frequently as possible, giving her increased oxygen and basically enabling her to live longer.

Without the machine, she has only a handful of years remaining. With daily supplemental oxygen, because Kumari is otherwise healthy, she could live to see her youngest kid, Mohan (age 6 and who lives with us at our children's home), grow into a handsome young man. 

Kumari is a single mother whom we’ve known since 2005, when we met her on the street, where she lived with her kids. Her oldest daughter Prema (13), youngest daughter Sumitra (11), and youngest son Mohan (6) live with us at our children’s home and attend good schools. Her oldest son Venkatesh (15), lives with Kumari and helps her with household chores.

If you would like to make a donation to help defray the costs of the oxygen concentrator for Kumari, we'd really appreciate it! The machine costs Rs.45,000 (discounted price from Mysore Medical Systems), is an American-made model, and is quite reliable. It would be the first such machine installed in Kyathmanahalli (a slum area in Mysore) where Kumari now rents a house.

If you are an Indian taxpayer in India, you can contact Tracy at 99451-00945 / for more information or to make a donation. We’ll provide you with a receipt for your donation that you can use for tax purposes (80G deduction).
(photo courtesy Janea Wiedmann)
When first diagnosed with her lung
condition, Kumari needed oxygen daily for
about one month. She recovered and was
fine for about a year, but now needs oxygen

We just started soliciting donations today, and so far, Mr. Madhusudan Pattanaik, a friend of our kids who has helped us over the past two years, has managed to secure for us over 15% of the funds we need, in just two hours! Thank you, Mr. Pattanaik.

Cheques/DDs should be written to: Akhanda Seva for International Shanti

For NEFT transfer, use the following:

Name: Akhanda Seva for International Shanti
Bank: Canara Bank, NRI Branch, Nazarbad, Mysore
Account Number: 230910-100-1439
IFSC: CNRB0002309