Friday, February 4, 2011

High school friends in the UK

Thanks to Bronte and friends at Stamford High School in Stamford in the UK, who have been raising funds for our kids. We recently received a note from them, as well as a photo of the teens who are fundraising for us:

When I came out in summer to visit you with my mum and brother I really felt like making a difference back home after having such a lovely time with all the kids that are staying with you. I told my class about what I'd been up to, and they were all really up for making a difference too. So my form and I by organising a cake sale raised the money to buy 27 boxes of vitamins for the orphanage, some of which we've already sent you. We're all very keen to help Operation Shanti, and as we have a charity money making machine on our hands (our school likes buying cake!!), we wanted to know if there was anything other than vitamin tablets that we can buy using the funds or you can buy that we can start to raise some money for.

I've attached a picture of most of us - the piece of paper I'm holding reads "Stamford High School loves Operation Shanti", unfortunately it didn't come out very well!

Best wishes,

Bronte Philips and 11CW

Thanks so much to Bronte and everyone at Stamford High School for your continuing support!