Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bye Anusha...

Anusha, one of our cute little five-year-old girls, has been with us at Karunya Mane for just about two years. She's a sweet little girl who is unafraid of expressing her love and affection for others. However, she suffers from an attention deficit disorder, which has worsened during the time we've known her. She cannot focus on a simple task for even a minute, and she's always moving around and is distracted by whatever catches her eye.

Our concern was that Anusha wouldn't learn anything in a regular school (with 45+ students per teacher), and would fall far behind in her education and learning. She needed more one-on-one attention but no such special schools exist in our area. After some searching, we found another NGO in Kollegal (about an hour from Mysore) that cares for kids with special needs -- kids just like Anusha -- and they agreed to take her in.

As Anusha was leaving, some of the other girls felt very sad that she was going away. Even though Anusha often got into their things just like that pesky little sister always does, and often took their pencils, textbooks, and schoolbags as play toys, everyone really loved her like a little sister. It's been just a day, and even though we know she's in good hands, we sure do miss Anusha!

Please check back here from time to time; we'll continue to post updates on how Anusha is doing.