Sunday, January 31, 2010

Prasad's house

Four children were recently added to our Project Food and More program, which helps children orphaned by HIV/AIDS on a monthly basis. This brings the number of kids we help through this program to 51.

The first of the four, Prasad (names have been changed to protect their privacy), lives with his aunt in a village right outside of Mysore. His dad died in 2002, and his mom is too ill to take care of him and has been moved to a terminal care facility near the city. Prasad's aunt struggles to earn a living for her son, her husband (who suffered from a stroke three years ago) and Prasad.

The second child is Siddraju, who lives with his uncle in a village outside of Mysore. Siddraju's mom and dad both died in 2009 and his uncle earns about 2000 rupees a month, which is supposed to support the seven people in the household.

Ragu and Rashmi live with their aunt in a single room in Mysore. Their mom died in 2004 and their dad died in 1999. Their aunt rolls incense sticks for a living, and their uncle is a cook but he does not work consistently.