Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another two for Project Food and More

We recently added two more families to Project Food and More, bringing the kid count to 26 in our relatively new program that is being quite well received.

The first family lives in the Mysore area. Mom has two girls (one positive, the other negative) and cleans pots and pans to earn her income. Sadly, dad passed away a few years ago, and mom's family has completely shunned them because of her positive status, so they are alone.

The second family lives far from Mysore, but they come to the Asha Kirana clinic each month for their checkup. Mom lost her husband a few years ago to HIV, and she works in a photo lab while her son, age 7, attends school. They rent a house for 500 rupees a month ($12), and mom earns a monthly salary of 2000 rupees (about $45).

If you'd like to help these kids, or kids like them, please read more here. For just $25 per month, you can provide healthy and nutritious food and hygienic items to these destitute kids and their caretakers.