Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tulsi plants

All Hindu families worship the sacred tulsi, or basil, plant. It is also a medicinal plant and is planted in the courtyard of Hindu houses. Women worship the plant twice a day. In the morning after bathing, women go to the tulsi plant outside the house. They offer water to it, raising a small copper or silver urn toward the sun and pouring water while chanting the "navagraha mantra," a chant of the names of the sun, moon and the planets. The tulsi puja ends with holding a few leaves of the plant in the palm and pouring water over the leaves. This water is drunk from the palm and is supposed to strengthen the immune system.

On the Tulsi Puja day in the Hindu calendar, the plant is adorned with flowers and gooseberry branches.

Karunya Mane tulsi plant installed and cared for by the residents