Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Visitors from Kennesaw, Georgia

A few months ago, a woman named Vanessa from Kennesaw, Georgia in the US emailed to tell us that she would be visiting Mysore on a study abroad program with her college, and that she wanted to bring a few things for our kids.

In July, she and her group made it to Mysore after stopping in Delhi for a few weeks. They met the kids and brought a suitcase full of goodies for them. The kids mostly enjoyed getting to meet the new people. Vanessa's short dreadlocks also got the kids' attention, and she even let them touch her hair, resulting in many giggles from the girls.

Amusingly, Vanessa wore a "Yes We Can" t-shirt from the campaign of one of the current US Presidential candidates. As we took these photos, she and her friends got the kids to chant "Obama! Obama! Obama!" Vanessa sent us an email recently, saying that "India was an experience of a lifetime. The two ladies that came with me both say that visiting the orphanage was the best part of the entire trip."

Our kids have that effect on people.